How To Make Easy Personalized Ornaments

How to personalize ornaments

Making easy personalized ornaments adds an extra special touch. In our home we have a unique Santa tradition. Santa brings one special gift and leaves it unwrapped. He always labels the kids gifts with a special personalized ornament. This special tradition has left our children with a collection of beautiful unique ornaments that they can appreciate for years to come. Keep reading to see how to make examples of ways to easily personalize ornaments using wooden letters, charms, craft paint or stamps. No art skills required!

how to make easy personalized ornaments

How to Make Easy Personalized Ornaments with Initial Charms

Initial jewelry charms are a great way to add easily add personalization to ornaments. Find an store bought ornament and add a charm using a jump ring. A metal key ornament was personalized simply by adding the letter B for my sons name. Likewise I added a letter K charm to a cute bird ornament for my daughter. You could even add the entire name and make it extra special. Although I bought my charms at a local craft store years ago, these letter charms are very similar to the ones I used for my ornaments.

Personalized Wood Letters Ornaments

Inexpensive wooden letters from your local craft or dollar store are great for personalizing. This adorable squirrel is more special holding a festive red letter. Simply paint the letters with craft paint and glue them on your ornament of choice. Using hot glue and craft paint made the project fast and easy. Here is a link to the letters I used for this project.

Craft Paint Personalized Ornament

Another way to make easy personalized ornaments is with craft paint. The use of craft paint is simple as well as inexpensive. Simply painting on a name can add a personal touch to any ornament. My son loves bears, therefore adding his name to an adorable polar bear ornament made it extra special.

how to make easy personalized ornaments

Using Stamps to Personalize

Letter stamp sets are a wonderful way to add personalization. Stamps are inexpensive and simple to use. Adding a name with stamps can be done in just a few minutes and add great impact! I have used stamps to decorate ornaments in the past like this Polar Express ornament made out of a small gift box with a bell inside. I haven’t used them for my kids names yet but that may change this year!

Personalizing Ornaments is Easy!

All the examples I have shown were personalized easily using store bought ornaments. You don’t need any special skills to make an ornament extra special. This is especially fun to do for kids that have unique names. As a person with an uncommon name I can tell you it is very disappointing to never find your name on ANYTHING. My kids names are somewhat unique as well so for them to have personalized ornaments with their names is extra special. Get creative, add some simple letters to ready made ornaments and make a unique collectable.

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