How To Chalk Paint An Ugly Mirror

chalk painted mirror

I came upon this extremely tacky gold mirror while thrifting. I hated the color but loved the detail and saw the potential. So I bought it for $3! I will show how to paint an ugly mirror with chalk paint and turn it into a treasure!

I saw this mirror in the local thrift shop for only $3. I loved the detail of the roses and the Victorian feel even though the gold paint was hideous. Ignoring the ugly 60’s vibe and the stares from the other shoppers as I hoisted this heavy thing into my cart. I was excited to paint an ugly mirror and create a treasure. The first of several as it turns out. Click HERE to see my bathroom mirror makeover.

Supply List To Paint An Ugly Mirror

  • chalk paint
  • clear cream wax
  • various natural bristle brushes
  • clean lint free rag

I decided to use the color “Primitive” by American Decor and the cream wax in the same brand. HERE is a link to purchase the paint I used.

I started by wiping down the mirror frame with a damp cloth to remove any dust. Next I began to brush on the chalk paint. In this situation I did not completely cover the surface. I left some of the gold exposed.

Using various brushes I carefully painted the nooks and crannies of the mirror.

After I finished painting the mirror I used a damp rag to wipe away paint from areas that would show natural wear. I loved watching the sparkle of the gold shine through.

Finally it was time to apply a protective wax. I chose a clear cream wax for this DIY. Using the large natural bristle brush I applied the wax. Lastly I used a lint free cloth to buff the wax on the frame. I could not wait to see my new mirror on the wall. This thrifted mirror has become one of my favorite possessions!

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