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Welcome to The Tailored Nest! A place where I share creative ideas, decor inspiration and DIY projects to help you tailor your nest!

Thank you for visiting and welcome to The Tailored Nest! I'm thrilled to share my ideas with other creative people and those who need a little inspiration! I use my experience as an artist in every facet of my life. New ideas will often wake me from a dead sleep. "I have an idea!" is probably on of the most common sentences that comes out of my tends to drive my family a little crazy haha.

Drawing and painting became very important to me in my childhood. I found I had a knack for it and I was hooked and never stopped. Even now I enjoy spending hours in my home studio lost in artwork. My methods and preferred medium has evolved throughout the years. Today my preference is to work in oils and my favorite subject matter are figures. I love painting country scenes with dreamy figures but recently I have been working more abstractly as well.

We have been working on our 1930's Craftsman Cottage style home for over 10 years. I love using my artistic background to come up with new designs. Updating our old home while trying to maintain its integrity but also modernize is a challenge I love.

Join me for new ideas and inspiration to help you individualize your space and make your homemade home!